Beyond Me Update

Welcome to 2019!

A good word for the year, as it relates to the Vista Ridge campus, could be “flexibility”.  2019 will be a year filled with changes to our facility, and flexibility will be a key theme.  Our upcoming changes are related to adding the two story children’s ministry wing on the back side of the building, and re-purposing the existing Kids Branch wing into youth space, a fellowship hall, a new kitchen and main restrooms.

In November 2017, our congregation made commitments to support the Beyond Me project with ~$6.3M of commitments over a 36 month period, plus an additional $2.5M from two matching donors, for a total commitment of ~$8.8M.  We are now 13 months into the 36 month campaign and ~59% of the $8.8M has already been given, leaving ~$3.6M still to be given to complete the commitments.  In addition, we have received ~$180K from people who didn’t make a commitment to the Beyond Me capital campaign but have given to the project. Thanks for you awesome support!

Upcoming Changes
Just to get you ready for the upcoming changes, here are a few of the most noticeable things that are starting to occur:
  1. Beginning Monday, January 7th, we are starting the demolition phase related to our addition and remodel.  The most noticeable first step with be the building of a wall across the lobby to seal off the back portion of the building for construction.

  2. Due to the wall, we will lose access to our main lobby restrooms so a restroom trailer is being located near the front entrance.  This isn’t a construction port-a-potty, but instead the type trailer you may have seen at outdoor weddings, golf tournaments, etc., it is listed as a luxury restroom trailer and will have heating and cooling.  There are also two restrooms in the office wing of the building that will be available for use.

  3. The kitchen area is also going to be behind the lobby wall, so our meal service before Thursday night service, and Tuesday night CR have been stopped and won’t resume until after the construction is completed.

  4. Coffee and donuts that are normally available on Sunday mornings are being relocated to the front porch near the columns.  We won’t have as many options and we’ll have to deal with the weather, but we’ll make adjustments as we see how things go.

  5. In our Kids Branch wing, the first four classrooms on the left side (nursery side) of the building will be closed and we’ll double up grades in most of the elementary classrooms to make room for several of the preschool classes to relocate.  In a few weeks we will get back one of the rooms, so we will again adjust where different classes are located.

  6. Since demolition and construction will be occurring on the back side of the building, the drive around the building, the parking slab in the back, and the rear lobby entrance will go away.  Therefore, all entrance and exit to the building will go through the main front doors.

On any given weekend, there is always someone at The Branch for the first time.  Please continue to be on the lookout for those who could use a warm welcome to The Branch in the midst of all our mess. You never know what God might do with that warm welcome.

Like I said, flexibility will be the key in 2019.  We are looking forward to what the future holds for The Branch, and are eager to get underway with construction.


David Teutsch
Executive Minister
The Branch Church