Bible Study - ROMANS 8 GOD FOR US: Ache Expectations

  1. What is something God has done for you that you are thankful for or are celebrating? How have you experienced or observed his faithfulness?

  2. Where are you experiencing stress, anxiety or fear? How would you like to see God move in your life or in the life of someone close to you?

  3. What did you hear in this week’s sermon that was new or particularly interesting? Did anything stand out to you as puzzling or troubling?

  4. Romans 8:18-25 is a deep and rich passage of Scripture. As you facilitate the discussion, it may be helpful to anchor the conversation around a few things: 1) this world (including our bodies) is subject to decay and 2) our souls and spirits are presently redeemed but we await, along with creation, for the fullness of redemption. Verse 18 speaks to our present sufferings and our future glory – they are incomparable. How have you seen this play out in your own life?

  5. Read verses 20-21. What do you notice about Paul’s language (ex: frustration, bondage, decay, hope, freedom)? What does this teach us about the reality of the world around us? What does this teach us about placing our hope in earthly things (vacations, entertainment, wealth, etc.)? If we understand this about creation, how does it help us to have “ache expectations.”

  6. Read verses 22-23. All of creation is subject to decay and unrest – “groaning.” We, too, are subject to this inward groaning and unrest. Chris stated, “Taking our groan to the Lord isn’t a denial of faith but an act of faith because we’re turning to Him.” How has this played out in your life? How have you felt the comfort of the Spirit in the midst of your groaning?

  7.  John 16:33 states, “In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” These are the words of Jesus. At least two realities are depicted here: a world full of trouble and a Savior who overcomes the world. How does this encourage you?

  8. Is there someone in your life who needs to hear the Good News of the Gospel? How can we join you in praying for that?
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