Bible Study - JESUS NEXT DOOR: Eyes

  1. What is something God has done for you that you are thankful for or are celebrating? How have you experienced his faithfulness and goodness this week?

  2. Where are you experiencing stress, anxiety or discouragement? How would you like to see God move in your life or in the life of someone close to you?

  3. What did you hear in this week’s sermon that was new or particularly interesting? Did anything stand out to you as puzzling or troubling?

  4. Read Matthew 9:35-38.
    • What does the text tell us about the ministry of Jesus? What was he doing and why does it matter?
    • Verse 36 tells us that Jesus had “compassion” on the crowds. This is a very deliberate word choice on the author’s part. What does this tell us about Jesus and the way he sees people?
    • Verse 36 also tells us that the people are “harassed and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd.” What does this tell us about the human condition? When do you feel most vulnerable, weak or helpless?
    • Chris noted, “Jesus saw people in terms of their relationship with God before anything else.” What does this mean?

  5. What are some of the things that you notice or see in people first? (ex: attraction or beauty, level of education, race or ethnicity, the car they drive, etc.) Why do you notice these things first?

  6. We often look at people through the lens of what they can do for us or how they can make our lives better or more convenient. How can we practice seeing them in the image of God first?

  7. Who is someone in your life that you have failed to “see” in the way that Jesus sees? Who is someone that God might be asking you to serve or engage?